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What Can Be Found In The Island of Gems?

What Can Be Found In The Island of Gems?

  • by Neville Epa

Throughout history, Sri Lanka has been known by many names - Ceylon, The Pearl of The Indian Ocean but also as ‘Ratna-Dweepa’ (‘The Island of Gems'). For centuries, Sri Lanka’s gem riches have been legendary; Marco Polo even wrote about the island having some of the best gems in the world.

Ratnapura is the epicenter of the Sri Lankan gem market with the mining happening in the Sabaragamuwa provinces and in areas such as Kataragama, Deniyaya and Palmadulla. While there are over 200 types of mineral found across the world, almost 75 varieties can be found in Sri Lanka hence the name, Island of Gems. Some of these include;

Rose Quartz;

This is a delicate, pink version of the mineral quartz. It features various shades of pink from light to medium-dark pink and is known as the stone of unconditional love. Some believe that the stone emits strong vibrations of love which help to support emotional healing and inspire compassion. Sri Lanka is the leading source for fine-quality Rose Quartz, having a large crystal mountain that is said to be the largest rose quartz deposit in Asia. These magnificent crystals can be found in the Nyra Earrings by Cher & Grace - crafted with 18k gold plated brass and set with Rose Quartz and Black Rutile.

Green Onyx;

Predominantly found in Sri Lanka amongst other countries, this semi-precious gemstone is of the quartz mineral species that appears in green shades, most often a rich, dark green. It is a very popular astrological stone as it is linked with educational, medical and financial success and a symbol of calmness, purity and relaxation. People often make statement pieces with this stone - for example, Cher & Grace’s Adina Earrings - crafted in 18k gold plated brass with vibrant Green Onyx and Lapis with a highlight of pearls.



Cher & Grace’s Adina earrings also come in Black Onyx & Jasper. One of the largest sources of pearls in the world comes from the pearl beds of Sri Lanka. The pearl gemstone goes back countless years - it was cherished by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans as symbols of wisdom, purity and fortune. To this day, pearls are still treasured for their beauty and elegant, timeless look. Pearls are derived from oysters and other mollusks that live in bodies of water - occurring as a reaction when a grain of sand or a parasite enters the soft tissues of the living beings. Pearls are cooling crystals and can be found in various colors such as white, red, off-white, copper and black.


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