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WE’VE LAUNCHED A NEW WEBSITE! Reintroducing Tambapanni Collective

WE’VE LAUNCHED A NEW WEBSITE! Reintroducing Tambapanni Collective

  • by Neville Epa

Tambapanni Collective is inspired by the first Sinhalese Kingdom of Ancient Sri Lanka, Tambapanni.  

The kingdom came into being in the 5th century BC, founded by Prince Vijaya and his followers, in what is now Mannar, Sri Lanka. It served as the initial settlement for the Sinahlese people and marked the beginning of the Sinhalese civilization which would later go on to establish in locations such as Anuradhapura. ‘Tambapanni’ means ‘copper-red hands’ - derived from the reddish soil that stained the settlers' hands & feet. The establishment of the Tambapanni kingdom signifies the beginning of a rich, cultural legacy that has profoundly influenced Sri Lanka’s development.  

Tambapanni Collective is an expression of quintessential Sri Lankan heritage and culture, through a handpicked collection of ethical and bespoke private labels. The team behind the brand is dedicated to connect luxury Sri Lankan brands with the globe, starting with Singapore. Every brand has been tried and tested by the team, and is loved beyond measure.  

The brands you see on Tambapanni Collective are specially curated - every single one has a clientele that has been with them from the beginning and Tambapanni Collective is here to share them with more. Each with a story of their own to tell, unveiling crafts and culture for their clients. There surely is something for everyone.

Our new website features a variety of bespoke labels as well as insights, blogs and more for you to enjoy and browse through.

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